NWADaR Renewal

Full membership is open to Members of RoADAR, particular benefits being re-training for your next RoSPA Test and the opportunity to train as a Tutor.

As a RoADAR Member you are fully aware of the advantages of Advanced Driving, so if you would like to join us in continuing to improve your and other people’s driving, please fill in the form below. 

Benefits of continued membership of NWADaR are:

  • The opportunity to contribute to safer driving in North Wales through becoming a Tutor or helping on the committee
  • Re-assessment, and re-training if necessary, for your 3-yearly RoSPA re-test

Costs of Group membership are £25 per year



NWADaR Group Membership Conditions

Membership Records The Group normally stores your membership details on the computer. The information is only used internally by the Group and is not divulged outside the Group and RoSPA.

Refunds Once received, payment is non-refundable except in circumstances deemed acceptable by the Group Committee of North Wales Advanced Drivers.

Payment. If payment is made online via our website/paypal facility, this will be set up as a recurring payment (annually), and payment will be collected automatically on the anniversary of your initial payment. If you wish to cancel your membership of NWADaR, please let us know. You can contact us via email at groupcontact@nwadar.co.uk, at our address of Geth Thomas, 57 Goodwick Drive, Wrexham, LL13 0JY, or via group chat on our website.

Important information which should be understood by a Group member when requesting and receiving driving assistance

(a) You are deemed to be in control of your vehicle at all times and responsible for your own actions whilst driving it. (b) If your tutor gives you an instruction which you feel it is unsafe for you to carry out you should do what you believe to be safe. (c) You must hold a full licence and current insurance. Your vehicle must be taxed, and, if applicable, have an up to date MoT certificate. Your tutor may need to check these documents. (d) Your eyesight must meet the minimum requirements of the DSA. (e) Your vehicle must be roadworthy.

The Training Officer reserves the right to stop the tuition if:

(f) the student’s driving is dangerous. (g) the student lacks the time to study, practise and meet with the Tutor frequently enough to be able to progress with the course. (h) the student lacks the temperament necessary to proceed with the course.