Recommended reading

Roadcraft for Motorcycles
The ‘Roadcraft’ and ‘Motorcycle Roadcraft’ publications have long been the definitive manuals for the Police advanced driving and motorcycling courses. These are the latest editions of the manuals. The two volumes were prepared after close consultation with the Police, other emergency services and driving instructors. They have been fully revised and updated to give the best evidence-based authoritative guidance on advanced driving and riding skills. They are essential texts not just for Police drivers and riders, but for anyone who wants to become a better and safer rider or driver.
Traffic signs are an indispensable means for informing, directing and controlling road users’ behaviour, in order to ensure that the roads as safe as possible for everyone. Riders and drivers must be able to recognise these signs and respond to them appropriately. It is therefore very important that their knowledge is up to date. The latest edition of this book, illustrating and explaining the vast majority of traffic signs, is essential reading material for all road users. >
The Official Highway Code booklet is essential reading material for all road users in England, Scotland and Wales. In addition to listing the rules that road users should obey, it includes sections on signals, traffic signs, road markings, vehicle markings together with a number of useful annexes. Rules including the words ‘MUST / MUST NOT’ are legal requirements, and it is a criminal offence to disobey these rules. Thus all road users should ensure that their knowledge of the Code is up-to-date. The RoSPA Advanced Tests for car drivers and motorcycle riders include testing the candidates’ knowledge of the Highway Code.